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Psy’s new music video will feature “monkey-like dance moves”?

Gangnam Style singer Psy has been spotted performing what residents described as "monkey-like dance moves” while shooting his new music video in Busan recently.

BUSAN: Gangnam Style singer Psy has been revealed to have shot parts of his music video for his upcoming single, Daddy. in the Korean port city of Busan, reported Korean media.

Photos of Psy and the production crew shooting the music video quickly circulated via Korean social networking sites after they were uploaded by Busan residents recently.

The photos showed Psy performing what some residents have described as “monkey-like dance moves”.

The 36-year-old singer’s management agency revealed Friday (Aug 8) that filming for the music video has been completed, adding that it will feature actor Jung Woo-sung, along with a number of other celebrities.

The music video, which was shot mainly in Seoul and Busan, reunites Psy with Cho Soo-hyun, the man who directed Psy’s immensely popular Gangnam Style and Gentleman music videos.