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Rebecca Lim is a miser?

Singapore actress Rebecca Lim shares her thoughts on playing a nurse in the upcoming drama "You Can Be An Angel Too", and reveals that she is actually a "very stingy person".

SINGAPORE: Singapore actress Rebecca Lim can hardly wait to play Guan Xin Ni, an Advanced Practice Nurse specialising in geriatrics, in her upcoming drama “You Can Be An Angel Too”, about the lives of a group of nurses.

“She is a pretty interesting character because she has two sides to her.

“She is very professional and ... a little aloof, but she is very warm towards the old folks (her patients),” said Lim at the commencement ceremony for the drama on Wednesday.

“This duality makes her interesting to play.”

While Guan showers her elderly patients with care, she simply can’t stand Xie Yao Zong (Bryan Wong), a sharp-tongued head nurse, who says awful things about her after mistaking Guan’s father for her ‘sugar daddy’, the very first time they meet.

Guan also hates Xie’s stinginess with his money.

However, Lim believes there is nothing wrong with being a little stingy because she is a bit of a 'miser' too.

“I am very stingy. I think people don’t like me because of that!” said Lim, bursting into laughter.

However, the actress explained that she is only tight-fisted when it comes to buying things for herself, and would splurge on gifts for her family.

“I would buy good food and tonics [for my family members]. My family is huge. My dad has ten siblings. I buy things for my aunties and uncles,” said Lim with a smile.

That sounds like it can get quite expensive rather quickly.

“I’m okay with that! But if you want me to spend S$1,000 on shoes or a bag, I’d have to think about it a long time,” said Lim, pointing out that her last big purchase was a pair of shoes at a sample sale.

She went on to reveal that she actually finds frugal men attractive, as it usually means they are wise enough to control their spending.

“I don’t want him (her future boyfriend) spending all his money and not saving any for us (as a couple),” said Lim.

The actress added that she didn’t need her boyfriend to splurge on gifts for her, and preferred that he use the money to help others instead.

“I think if he is generous to people in need, it would be a plus point. He doesn’t have to be generous to me.”

"You Can Be An Angel Too" airs in January on Channel 8.

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