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Rebecca Lim reports for duty in Mata Mata 2

Actress Rebecca Lim shares her thoughts on her eventful trip to Penang to shoot Channel 5's new police drama Mata Mata 2, and reveals a secret which might just disappoint her mum.

SINGAPORE: A brand new season of police drama Mata Mata airs on Monday (Sep 1), bringing with it a fresh storyline and a couple of new cast members.

Among them is actress Rebecca Lim who plays feisty Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officer Margaret Chin in the drama set in 1970s Singapore.

"Margaret has dreamed of being a police officer since she was 10. She thinks that she's right all the time and she has no regard for authority. She's very 'garang' (a Malay word that can be roughly translated as 'zealous')!" said Lim enthusiastically in a recent interview.

"I was actually slightly disappointed that I don't get to wear a uniform in the show, but they said I was CID so I can't wear one. I even asked 'How about one scene? Have or not?', but they said 'No'!"

While she didn't get to wear a uniform for the show, Lim said she still had a lot of fun shooting scenes for the show in Penang.

"It's actually my first time shooting away from home for so long. It was one month! One month of living out of my luggage! Normally it is about one week or at most 10 days.

"It was the first time I did my laundry ... everything on my own. Usually when I'm at home, I do the ironing and someone does the washing," said Lim with a laugh.

"It was actually therapeutic! I was filming every single day there and then I had this one day off. You'd think that I'd go out and walk and explore, but I just really wanted to stay at home, then I cooked my own breakfast, did my laundry, cleaned the toilet and read a book!" said the actress, a self-professed homebody.


She went on to add that she really enjoyed the food in Penang, pointing out that she used to visit Penang quite often when she was younger as her grandfather was from there.

In fact, she loved the food so much she brought some of her favourites back with her.

"When I came back, I squeezed all my belongings into one suitcase, then I filled another huge suitcase with tau sar piah and other pastries.

"They (some of the cast members who went with her to Penang) were all laughing at me because I was lugging one suitcase, another big suitcase and a plastic bag, all filled with tau sar piah, while they were all just carrying one small bag looking very glam!" said Lim with a look of resignation on her face.

"My family is huge, so I had to get some for everyone!"


However, it wasn't always fun shooting in Penang. Lim risked life and limb to shoot an action scene for Mata Mata 2. The scene called for her to climb up a few storeys of scaffolding with Pierre Png, who plays a forensic pathologist in the show - without any safety gear.

"There was no mattress, no safety net and I was in slight heels. There were a few moments where I was slipping and hanging on for dear life," said Lim, describing it as "the scariest thing I've had to do for a role so far".

"Thankfully, the stunt guys were great. They helped me a lot and also said to me 'You are not going to be attached to a safety harness or anything so we are all not going to wear one'. I wound up with a whole leg of bruises ... but I'm glad I did it."

"It's something I'd never do on my own accord, but that's the thing about acting I really like - you get to do a lot of things that you wouldn't normally get to do or wouldn't normally have the courage to do."


When asked what she missed most while she was away, she quickly replied, "My dog!"

"I missed my dog a lot. The second week I was there (in Penang), my friend's dog passed away. I was reading about it on Facebook so I was like 'Oh my gosh, what if my dog passed away while I was in Penang?'.

"So when I use FaceTime (a video chat app) with my mum, I'd also FaceTime with my dog. My dog actually responds when it hears my voice. It's a golden retriever, it's 11 years old. Quite old. Right before I left, he was very sick, and I left him when he was recovering, so I was a little concerned," said Lim, before bursting into girlish laugher and revealing a massive secret that just might make her mum a little disappointed.

"Every time we FaceTime, it was for my mum to see me and for me to see my dog!"

Mata Mata 2 also stars Allan Wu, Daren Tan, Priscelia Chan as well as Dhanya Nambiar, and airs every Monday from Sep 1, 8pm on Channel 5.