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Song Seung-heon: Sexy new film Obsessed was stressful to shoot

Filming a sex scene with up to 30 people on set was not sexy at all, says Korean actor of his new R-rated flick.

SINGAPORE: Actor Song Seung-heon said he was stressed out shooting the sex scenes in his new film Obsessed - his first R-rated film.

"Its a very big step for me because my image as an actor is very different from my image in the film," said the Korean actor as he met the media on Friday (July 25), ahead of the Singapore premiere of the film.

He added that he worked out for four months for the big sex scenes in the show with his co-star Lim Ji-yeon, but was not very comfortable shooting them. "I have to say I was really shy because there were 20 to 30 people looking at me during the scene!"

"Before this movie, I always thought that if I were to do an intimate scene I would do it very well and it was going to be awesome."

“To be honest, when I was on set (for the sex scenes in Obsessed), I had more people than there are in this room looking at the both of us naked. It was very difficult, but also a very interesting experience,” said Song.

“After doing the scene, I realised that the intimate scene was even more tiring and exhausting than any other action scene I was ever involved in.”

Obsessed is the story of Kim Jin-Pyong, a married army colonel who falls for his subordinate's wife Jong Ga-heun (Lim) and has an affair with her which threatens to end in tragedy.

"I hope what happens to my character never happens to me because it is like meeting the love of your life after you are married," said Song, speaking at the Fullerton Hotel. "It actually makes me think twice about getting married."

Song, whose next project will be a Chinese film, said he doesn't mind working on more films like Obsessed which contain intimate scenes, as long as they are "necessary" to tell the story.

The gala premiere for the show screens at 9pm on Friday.

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