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Stefanie Sun shines in first National Stadium gig

Singaporean singer Stefanie Sun held a dazzling concert at the newly-build National Stadium on Saturday that had her fans screaming for more.

SINGAPORE: The sultry evening air brought with it the smell of sweat as concert-goers formed long snaking queues to get into the newly-build National Stadium on Saturday.

Despite the heat and discomfort, the excitement was palpable, as they slowly but surely made their way into the stadium to witness the return of Singapore singer Stefanie Sun in her first concert here in years.

When the concert was finally about to start, the audience finally stopped furiously fanning themselves in the warm stadium and started cheering for Sun.

She appeared on stage dressed in a puffy black costume as she kicked off the evening with one of her signature tunes, "Cloudy Day".

Her voice was as strong as ever and she had most of the 20,000-strong crowd on their feet, screaming and clapping for her by the end of the song.

After upping the tempo with faster songs like "Only Chance", "Dash" and "Green Light", Sun performed familiar favourites like "Unforgettable" and "Against The Light".

"Singapore, I've come back! How? Can speak Singlish not? Can or cannot?" asked Sun playfully, drawing deafening applause from the audience.

Her popularity has clearly not waned despite spending most of her time performing overseas lately.

Every time she came forward to the edges of the stage, a swarm of eager fans would rush out of their seats and make their way to the barricades, just to catch a glimpse of their idol and of course, get a snap or two along the way.

This happened like clockwork. This veritable human wave ebbed and flowed with Sun's stage position. When she came forward, they rushed forward, when she returned to centre stage, they went back to their seats.

While it was amusing the first few times, it gradually became annoying.

The seats had very little leg room, and those who remained in their seats would have to try their best to make way, whenever these enthusiastic concert-goers pushed past them in their hurry to get near the stage.

Yet, neither the heat and stuffiness of the stadium, nor the periodic 'pilgrimages' of these fans could put a dampener on the show.

It was exhilarating to hear Sun's powerful voice ring out across the cavernous stadium and see the stands become a sea of waving arms in response.

Sun seemed to falter and missed out a few lines when she performed songs like "The Moment" and "Angel's Fingerprints" midway through her 30-song set, perhaps due to her poor health recently.

However, she soon got a second wind and belted out songs like "Magical" as well as "Kepler" amidst screams of encouragement from the audience.

Concert-goers were asked to use their mobile phones to light up the darkened stadium for her performance of"Kepler", and they obliged.

"Now this is what a concert should be like!" said Sun, as she launched into the final phase of her concert.

The last part of Sun's concert wasn't actually much of a concert at all.

It was really one big sing-along session lead by the Singaporean superstar.

She pulled out all the stops to end big with her best-known songs "Love Document" and "I'm Not Upset".

She even sang National Day songs like "We Will Get There" as well as "One United People" and had the audience swaying to the beat.

"It feels like a Nation Day preview doesn't it!" said Sun with a laugh.

The charming singer went on to perform her hit song "Encounter". This sent her fans into a frenzy, with some resorting to standing on their seats, to get a clearer view of the stage.

And it was over - sort of.

Even after Sun left the stage, the audience continued to chant her name and beg for an encore. Their efforts were rewarded when Sun returned to the stage one last time.

"Don't you all want to go home? Let me sing you one more song!" said Sun, before performing one of her earliest hits "My Desired Happiness".

The concert ended with a giant burst of confetti and thunderous applause as her fans rushed forward once more to be closer to Sun, when she went to the edges of the stage to take her bows.

Sun's concert here, which was part of her Kepler World Tour, already cemented its place in history by being the first Mandopop concert ever held at the new National Stadium.

But it is Sun's excellent performance that made the concert extra special, and an evening to remember for her fans.

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