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Veteran actor Ha Yu turns producer for new film “ATM”

Hong Kong veteran actor Ha Yu will be a producer for the first time and produce the Hong Kong comedy "ATM", which features both veteran actors and newcomers.

HONG KONG: Hong Kong veteran actor Ha Yu, who has appeared in the Singapore drama “It's A Wonderful Life” and stars in the currently airing “World At Your Feet”, will be a producer for the first time and produce the Hong Kong comedy "ATM".

The film revolves around a group of youths who steal an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) but wind up facing gangsters who have the same plan.

Speaking to reporters at the commencement ceremony for the movie in Hong Kong on Tuesday, Ha Yu revealed that casting for the film took two whole years.

He said that he wanted to feature both veteran actors and newcomers, as that would add more variety to the film, and allow the younger cast members to learn from their more experienced co-stars.

"Even though we are old, we are still passionate about acting! I feel that we should pass on our experience to the younger generation," explained Ha Yu.

The comedy will star Hong Kong film veterans Lo Hoi Pang, Nina Paw and Stanley Fung, along with Kelvin Kwan and Malaysian actress Joanne Yew, who had previously appeared in the hit movie “The Journey”.

“Joanne has a fresh appearance with great prospects. I expect great things from her,” said Ha Yu.

Ha Yu’s son, Dixon Wong will also appear in “ATM”.

It will be the first time they will be working together on a film.

Wong told Hong Kong media that he had treated his father like an ATM and always asked him for money when he was younger, so he now has to think about how to repay him.

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