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Wang Lee Hom and wife meet the media for first time

Wang Lee Hom and his wife meet the media for the first time at a special media event in Taiwan.

TAIPEI: Taiwan singer-actor Wang Lee Hom brought his wife Lee Jing Lei to meet the media for the first time at a special ‘baking session’ in Taiwan on Sunday, reported Taiwan media.

“We are no longer working with the wedding confectionery company we were supposed to work with, so she (Lee) said ‘Its fine, I’ll make them’,” said Wang.

They baked some wedding confections together and even agreed to kiss for the cameras at the event, looking every bit the loving couple.

This was also the first time the media has heard Lee speak. Lee's voice apparently bears a resemblance to that of Taiwan model Lin Chiling's.

Wang told reporters that they live in Taipei and maintain a low profile, so he wanted to take the opportunity to introduce his wife to everyone, and hoped the media will give them more space.

“We are normal people and lead normal lives. We are just like everyone else,” said Wang on Sunday.

The media event was held just days after a Taiwan confectioner raised Wang's ire when it released photos of the wedding confections Wang had ordered to the media, and talked about the wedding confections during media interviews, without his consent.

Wang was reportedly so upset with the confectioner that he refused to accept the wedding confections, and left them at the company’s store.

The matter was eventually resolved after the company agreed to give Wang a discount and Wang accepted the goods.

Wang did not give out the wedding confections to his friends and relatives, but donated them to charity instead.

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