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Wang Weiliang hopes to resolve ‘family feud’

Singapore actor Wang Weiliang says he hopes to resolve a ‘family feud’ with his mentor, veteran television host Wang Lei.

SINGAPORE: Singapore actor Wang Weiliang’s career is on the up and up since his appearance in local director Jack Neo’s hit film “Ah Boys to Men”, where he plays a brash recruit.

In Neo’s latest offering, the two-part film “The Lion Men”, Wang plays an insecure young man who is part of the Tiger Crane lion dance troupe, and gets caught in a love triangle with his trainer’s daughter as well as his senior.

Wang has much more screen time in “The Lion Men” compared to “Ah Boys to Men”.

He also now has a loyal group of young fans who turn up at publicity events to support him.

While he has a lot to smile about these days, Wang revealed that he is troubled by an ongoing ‘family feud’ between him and his mentor, veteran host Wang Lei.

Wang Lei claimed that his protege’s success has made him “big-headed” and that he had “forgotten the people who have supported him in the past” like the getai organisers who gave him opportunities to perform, and the more mature audience members who would give him red packets at his shows when he first started out.

“You may feel good when your young fans chant your name … but you must not forget the people who supported you in the past,” said Wang Lei, at a media conference for “The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown”.

Wang said he was disappointed that Wang Weiliang, whom he treats “like a son”, had become a “different person” and would not do simple things like wish his more mature fans happy birthday over Facebook.

“When you are famous, you have the power to make them really happy. Why won’t you try to make them happy when they have done the same for you?” explained Wang Lei.

However, Wang Weiliang denied that he had let fame get to his head.

The young actor maintained that he values all those who have supported him thus far, though he doesn’t express it publicly, but would instead call them privately on their birthdays and so on.

Wang admitted that things had been “awkward” between the two since earlier this year and said he hoped to reconcile with his mentor soon.

Although Neo had intervened and got both mentor and protege to shake hands during the media conference for “The Lion Men: Ultimate Showdown”, Wang harboured no illusions that the matter has been resolved.

Wang said it was merely “a starting point”, and an “ice breaker” that could promote further dialogue between them.

“We’ll figure things out. There is nothing we can’t talk about,” said the actor, adding that he is taking everything in his stride.

“Life has its ups and downs. You have to experience the lows to enjoy the highs.”

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