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Wong Li-Lin: 'I’m not looking for a serious relationship'

Media personality Wong Li-Lin talks about being single again and reveals that she wants to focus on developing her career for now.

SINGAPORE: Media personality Wong Li-Lin revealed that she is now focusing on developing her career, and did not want to think about relationships, following her separation from actor-host Allan Wu last year.

“I’m in an exclusive relationship with… myself, my children and my career!” said Wong with a laugh.

“I’m still healing. You have to heal, you have to learn and do better the next time. Can play play, say ‘hello, hello’, but I’m not looking for a serious relationship. I’m in a friend-making stage!” said Wong, when she met the media backstage at the ComChest Care & Share Charity Show 2014 on Sunday (July 27).

“Let me tell you, Allan’s my third boyfriend. In the past 22 years, I only had a total of about a year to myself. This time, it’s about me. It’s about getting back to work.”

Wong, who was recently appointed Community Chest Ambassador, is currently a Lifestyle Health Advisor – she teaches people how to eat healthy as well as exercise properly - and provides consultancy services in addition to being a media personality.

She said she hoped to take on more work in the future to support her children, Sage aged nine and Jonas aged eight, and do her bit for charity as well, by actively participating in Community Chest-supported programmes aimed at helping at-risk youths and the elderly.

But this means she may have to spend less time with her children. She said the children weren’t very supportive of her plans at first, but later changed their minds.

“I told the kids ‘I need your support here. I have to get back to work. You’ve been seeing me every day for the last nine years. It’s been so good to see you grow up together but now I have to spend more time with my work,  and I want to spend more time with my work.’

“Sometimes they go ‘Oh I’d rather be poor!’ Then we’d have a discussion about it … point out the different ways they can look at it, then they say ‘Yes, mummy, we support you’,” said Wong with a chuckle.

When asked about her relationship with Wu, to whom she was previously married for nine years, Wong said things are fine between them and revealed that their children are now on vacation with him in the US.

“When a marriage breaks down… it affects the children. Sometimes things don’t work out, but it doesn’t change the structure of your family,” said Wong.

“He is a fantastic dad and loves the children. We can still be friends, just maybe not live together.”

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