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Yvonne Lim announces she's pregnant

Actress Yvonne Lim announced through her manager on Sunday that she is pregnant with the child of her soon-to-be husband Alex Tien.

SINGAPORE: Actress Yvonne Lim announced through her manager on Sunday that she is pregnant with the child of her soon-to-be husband Alex Tien, a former member of Taiwan boy band B.A.D.

Lim had revealed in March that she and Tien were going to get married, and only recently revealed that their wedding will be held in Singapore on Sept 7.

The actress, who sported a three-carat diamond ring given to her by Tien at a media conference for her upcoming drama Blessings on Wednesday, looked positively radiant at the event, and had said she was happily preparing for her nuptials.

Lim and Tien started dating in December last year, though they have been friends for over for over a decade.

“It’s something we both wanted and we’re both very happy,” the 37-year-old actress told TODAY. “Right after we announced our engagement, we knew we wanted kids. And maybe because we’re not getting any younger, we didn’t want to waste time and we just let nature take its course.”

"We didn't expect it to be so fast."

Lim added that her close friends, including Hong Hui Fang and Ivy Lee, also encouraged her baby-making plans. “Ivy Lee is in Hong Kong and I just called her to let her know. I said, ‘You must come to my wedding and see me walk down the aisle with a baby bump.’ She was like, ‘I don’t care about you. I care about the baby now!’”


The only way in which her pregnancy will affect her wedding plans, Lim said, is that “I might have to make adjustments to my wedding dress now. I don’t know how much weight I’ll put on. I was telling the baby, ‘Please don’t grow so fast.’ Alex scolded me for that, saying, ‘How can you say that to your baby?’”

Her fiance is already “behaving like a proud father. He’s really attentive and he’s always by my side. They say there are certain foods you cannot eat. I like to eat, so it’s really hard for me to control my diet. Alex is around now so he’s keeping a very close watch on me but when he’s back (in Taiwan) I can do whatever I want,” she said, giggling.

"What I love most [about being pregnant] is I'm being treated like a queen now."

"He (Tien) does whatever I say. I just say 'Baby wants to eat this', then he'll go and buy. I guess you know, a happy mum makes a happy baby so he wants me to be happy!"

“We are both first-time parents so we’re very clueless — not only about the wedding but now, how we are going to cope and what we are supposed to do,” she continued. For now, it’s “one step at a time. Like the people we are, we don’t want to fuss too much.”

What she is sure about is that she wants to be a "very chill mother".

"I hope that I will be a chill mother who can do things together with my kids. But you know what? Alex is hoping I'd be the disciplinarian," said Lim.

"We're still discussing this. He is always so easy-going, so he wants to be the angel and wants me to play the devil!"

The actress plans to give birth in Singapore because “I’m very attached to my friends and family so it’s good to have them around when I’m delivering.” Thereafter, the family will divide their time between Singapore and Taiwan.

In the meantime, she said, “We want to thank our friends, family and the public for their support. After I announced my wedding, all the passers-by have been congratulating me, and that’s really heart-warming. So I guess now that this news is out, I’ll have more congratulations.”

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