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Yvonne Lim gets charmed by "very suave" George Clooney in Shanghai

Singapore actress Yvonne Lim revealed that she managed to meet her idol, US actor George Clooney recently, after a dramatic chase at a promotional event in Shanghai.

SHANGHAI: Singapore actress Yvonne Lim said she was “charmed” when she met her idol, US actor George Clooney, at a promotional event organised by luxury watchmaker Omega in Shanghai recently.

“He’s very nice and very suave! Our meeting was actually quite funny.

“We were scheduled to meet, but during the dinner, he got swarmed by many fans asking for photos [with him] so he had to make a quick exit.”

“The public relations girl said ‘Yvonne, run! We have to chase after him!’.  It was funny because it was quite dramatic … my gown got caught in my heels, my heels were falling off.”

“We managed to stop him, and the first words out of my mouth were ‘I had to chase after you!’” said Lim with a chuckle.

Clooney hastily apologised and had a chat with the actress before having a photo taken with her and leaving the venue.

Lim was accompanied by her 34-year-old husband-to-be, Alex Tien, a former member of Taiwan boy band B.A.D., to the event.

Did Tien get jealous of Clooney?

“No, he wasn’t jealous! He was actually happy I managed to get a picture with George.

“I was running and I left my clutch bag backstage. Alex went back to get it, so he didn’t get to take a photo with George,” explained Lim.

While Lim admired the “very talented” and “handsome” Clooney, she felt that Tien is “handsome” and “sweet in his own way”, though she couldn’t help but be impressed by how good Clooney looked at 52.

“George is really aging gracefully! I hope Alex will be like that too!” Lim blurted, before bursting into laughter.

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