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Zhou Ying says goodbye to showbiz

Shanghai-born Singapore actress Zhou Ying is walking away from showbiz and intends to study psychology in Shanghai.

SINGAPORE: Shanghai-born Singapore actress Zhou Ying recently revealed that she will bid farewell to life in front of the camera and return to Shanghai on Friday.

The actress, who entered the entertainment industry after winning the Star Search 2007 talent competition, explained that she wanted “to spend more time with my family”.

“I am actually a very simple person. I came to this decision because I miss my family.

“During the past five years or so, there were times when I felt really alone, but my family wasn’t here to support me,” said Zhou, who intends to go back to school and study psychology after returning to Shanghai.

“Now, I feel that I’ve experienced enough of this life. I feel that I’ve matured and become more independent, so I want to go back to be with my family. I feel it’s time to start a new chapter in my life.”

The 24-year-old star described her time in showbiz as “very rewarding”, and said she was grateful for the many opportunities she had been given thus far.

“I’ll miss my friends and colleagues here. I will miss the life I had here. It is an experience that can never be replicated,” said Zhou.

Still, she stressed that it is goodbye for now, and not forever.

The actress, who has appeared in a number of local productions like “Together” and “Devotion”, said she would probably consider taking on acting projects at some point in the future.

“I’m not quitting showbiz for good. Acting is something I’m really passionate about. I’ll never give it up,” said Zhou.

Zhou's last major performance will be as Jiang Hong, a young Chinese woman who leaves her hometown to pursue her dreams of becoming a dancer, in the upcoming drama "Soup of Life".

She will also play a minor character in the drama "The Caregivers", which airs in March.

“Soup of Life” also stars Terence Cao, Ann Kok, Yao Wenlong as well as Nat Ho, and airs every weeknight from February 5, 9pm on Channel 8.

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