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“Double Valentine’s Day” sees record number of couples tying the knot

A record number of couples tied the knot on Valentine’s Day this year as the day of love coincides with the 15th day of the Lunar New Year, also known as Yuan Xiao or the Chinese Valentine's Day.

SINGAPORE: Love was all around in Hong Kong as nearly 500 couples tied the knot at marriage registries across the city.

That is a rise of nearly four-fold from last year, and love was celebrated in temples as well.

February 14 this year is a day of double celebrations as it is not just Valentine's Day, but also the 15th day of the Lunar New Year -- more commonly known as Yuan Xiao or the Chinese Valentine's Day.

The last time the two days coincided was nearly 15 years ago.

A hundred couples marked the occasion at the city's famous Wong Tai Sin temple.

They made their love-wish before Yue Lao, the deity for love and marriage, by tying themselves to their significant other with a silk cord.

It is believed that once this is tied under his watch, no one can break the union.

In Singapore, the Registry of Marriages received 245 applications for solemnisation on Friday, compared to about 35 to 50 applications on an average weekday.

Couples who got married on Friday received a decorative display of mandarin ducks to symbolise wedded bliss and fidelity.

Guests could also participate in the celebrations by making Valentine's Day cards and "live" song dedications. 

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