Over 500 revellers rise early for morning rave

Over 500 revellers rise early for morning rave

Fancy a party at 6.30am? Some Singaporeans did, taking part in South-east Asia's first morning rave.

SINGAPORE: It was 6.30am - a time when most people are trying to ignore their alarm clocks, reaching for a cup of coffee or getting ready for work.

But for the revellers who turned up for the alcohol-free Zespri x Morning Gloryville Party at Club Kyo in the heart of the CBD on Friday (Jun 12), it was time to dance.

Organised by Kiwi fruit marketer Zespri and Morning Gloryville, a morning clubbing company from the UK, the early morning rave is the first pre-work party in South-east Asia.

It is part of the conscious clubbing movement, which embraces the idea that alcohol is not needed for people to enjoy a party, and that partying can be a healthy as well as sustainable way to socialise.

Most arrived to the party dressed in workout gear, though there were some who came dressed in elaborate party attire, and others who turned up in office wear. However, all of them moved to the throbbing dance music played by UK deejay Charlie Chuckles.

Apart from the activities on the dance floor, those who turned up also had the chance to participate in yoga sessions, get massages and enjoy a range of healthy breakfast foods.

Party-goers take time out for some yoga at the morning rave. (Photo: Zespri)

A party-goer gets a massage from a professional masseur at the event. (Photo: Han Wei Chou)

Over 500 people attended the party, something which came as a bit of a surprise to the organisers.

“It was really strange because we thought that nobody would turn up so early, but there was already long queue at 6.30am (when the party started),” said Tracy Ho, Zespri’s Marketing Manager for Singapore and Thailand.

Formed in early 2013 by events producer Samantha Moyo and bodywork therapist Nico Thoemmes, Morning Gloryville has held similar parties around the world, in cities such as Berlin, Barcelona, New York and Tokyo before bringing it to Singapore.

Party-goers move to the beat at the morning rave. (Photo: Zespri)

And if all goes well, it will return in the near future. Morning Gloryville is looking to make the party a permanent event in Singapore.

“We’re thrilled with the turnout. We think Singapore is ready. We’d love to have a more permanent home here and we are looking for local partners,” said Caitlin Hudson, Morning Gloryville’s Global Events Manager. “It is a rave-olution. And Singapore is invited.”

Source: CNA/ha