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When diving off a cliff, do it in style with a luxury tick tock

Although Cartier is better known for classic and elegant timepieces, the French watchmaker is making a splash with its first diver watch that allows wearers to look the business from the board room to the beach.

SINGAPORE: Gentlemen, your days of having to sacrifice style for practicality when you dive off a cliff are over.

Making a splash for the first time in Singapore at Cartier’s “Shape Your Time" exhibition at Ngee Ann City is the Calibre de Cartier Diver, a transitional timepiece that makes its wearers look the business no matter where they are, from a power meeting to leaping headfirst into the sea.

The timeless French horologist has created many classic and elegant watches, but sporty timepieces? Never in its 167 years of history.

But there is always a first time for everything.

“We’ve evolved quite a lot, exploring different directions... different types of interpretations of the same (design),” explains Gregoire Blanche, Cartier’s regional managing director for Southeast Asia. “We decided to obviously, go into the next logical step, which was the divers watch.”

Besides going tick tock and telling the time, the diver watch is water-resistant to 300 metres and is also ISO certified, which is no mean feat given the tough standards that have to be met, from strap durability to being able to withstand almost half a dozen stress tests.

The hands, indexes and dive time indicator also glow in the dark, so you will always be able to tell the time even when you’re in the murkiest ocean depths.

But despite being a sporty timepiece, the Calibre de Cartier Diver is seriously good looking. That is no surprise, given the house of Cartier's flair for design.

Next, try this one for size, the timepiece is just 11 millimetres thick, so it's thin enough to slide under a sleeve cuff, as Cartier clearly wants its wearers to use it however they want, be it with a wetsuit or a dapper three-piece suit.

“It’s extremely versatile” says Blanche, as the watch which he has been sporting for over a month flashes on his wrist. “I use it in the morning when I do laps in the pool, I use it when I travel, and I use it with a suit.”

Singapore gets its first look of the handsome watch from May 24 to 25 at Cartier’s “Shape Your Time” exhibition at Ngee Ann City’s Civic Plaza.

It will be among 55 timepieces on display at the event that offers an insight into the history of some of Cartier’s iconic collections including a piece of trivia related to the Calibre de Cartier Diver.

Although the timepiece is the French watchmaker’s first diver watch, it is not Cartier's first dip into underwater watches.

In 1932, the world's richest man and Morocco's most powerful figure the Pasha of Marrakech commissioned Cartier to design a watch suitable for swimming, giving birth to the Pasha collection.

Did you also know that the design for Cartier’s Tank watch was created during World War I, and was based on the French Renault military tanks?

The French watchmaker has shared fragments of history in over 167 years of its existence, and as Blanche points out, “telling those stories through events like this one is extremely important because it reminds our public and our clients that when you’re at Cartier, it’s true timeless luxury”. 

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