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Women still lag behind men in career opportunities

In a global survey among HR managers, more than half say that women are still not getting the same career advancements as men in the workplace.

Singapore: Women are still not advancing in their careers on par with men at the workplace, says a new global survey among hiring managers.

In the HR survey conducted in 13 countries, the gap was most perceived in Belgium and Chile, while in France the view was the opposite, with more than 60 per cent saying that women aren't being held back.

In the Singapore context, more than half of HR managers believe women are not getting the same career opportunities as men, and those who want to get ahead should work on landing a job in a large company.

The survey conducted by specialist recruitment company Robert Half, found that 59 per cent of Singapore HR managers in small firms (under 50 employees), agreed that women are not getting the same career opportunities as men.

While more female HR managers compared to their male counterparts, believed that women are disadvantaged at work, there was no disagreement that a lack of ambition was the reason that advancements did not happen.

Among the HR managers of small, medium (50-499 employees) and large companies (over 500 employees), most felt that a lack of work-life balance was the obstacle.

This barrier was cited more among small and large firms, while most medium-sized firms held the view that social perceptions of the role of women, the second-most reason cited, was a factor.

"The most alarming result is that societal perceptions of women are still holding back their careers" said Stella Tang, the Singapore Director of Robert Half.

"It is hard to believe that people still believe a woman is less capable of doing a job because of her gender" said Ms Tang who also observed that companies need more flexible work practices to keep talented women in the workforce.

"Whether we like it or not, the primary parental role still falls heavily upon women."

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