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50 design projects to improve everyday life by NUS on display at National Design Centre

Many of the projects on display at the National University of Singapore’s Industrial Design Graduation Show respond to pressing environmental, social and cultural issues. 

SINGAPORE: Over 50 design projects are featured at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Industrial Design Graduation Show, which officially opens on Saturday (May 23) at the National Design Centre. 

The projects, which aim to improve everyday life, are by graduating students and undergraduates. Many of the projects respond to pressing environmental, social and cultural issues.

One of the innovations on display is Dex, designed for diabetic patients to monitor their health and encourage them to carry out exercise routines. Dex comprises smart insoles that collect foot activity data to provide necessary awareness that can reduce the risk of diabetic neuropathy. Its designer decided on the concept from personal experience.

"Dex actually started off with my grandma having diabetes,” said Ms Elyn Wu Cai Li, a graduating student of the NUS Division of Industrial Design. “She underwent a surgery which resulted in her becoming wheelchair-bound. The doctor found out that she didn’t walk a lot and that her blood circulation was weak, so she ended up not being able to move around anymore.”

Orikumo is another highlight of the exhibition. It uses the three-dimensional nature of its structure to absorb ambient noise. This system, made from handmade folded textiles, can be used in any space that requires sound absorption, such as libraries and exhibition areas.

Ms Chew Jia Ying, who is also graduating from the Division of Industrial Design, explained: "It is made up of felt and resin and it is designed specifically to absorb conversational voice. I was interested in fabric and I was developing a technique to make the fabric hard and structural.

"I hope that someone will pick it up and perhaps develop it further. That will be the best and ultimate outcome that I hope for," she added.

The exhibition will be held till May 31.