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Amended Copyright Act seeks to stop online piracy

Parliament has passed an amended Copyright Act that allows copyright owners to obtain blocking orders against infringing websites, without first having to send a take-down notice to network service providers.

SINGAPORE: Parliament today (July 8) passed an amended Copyright Act that aims to put a stop to online piracy. Pushing for the Bill, Senior Minister of State for Law Indranee Rajah said it will give copyright owners greater ability to protect their rights in the online space.

One key measure is to allow owners to obtain blocking orders against infringing websites. They can do this by applying directly to the court, without having to first establish liability on the part of the network service provider for copyright infringement.

Previously, copyright owners needed to send a request to network service providers to disable access or remove copyright infringing material. This was done by issuing a take-down notice to the network service provider. Since there is no rule making it mandatory to comply, service providers need not act on such notices.

Ms Indranee said that online piracy is a global issue that affects Singapore as well. "The prevalence of online piracy in Singapore turns customers away from legitimate content and adversely affects Singapore's creative sector," she said. "It can also undermine our reputation as a society that respects the protection of intellectual property."


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