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Amendment to Copyright Act tabled

Under the amendment, network providers may be ordered to block access to websites which commit or facilitate copyright infringement.

SINGAPORE: Copyright owners, exclusive licensees and performers will be able to apply for "blocking orders" on websites that flagrantly use their material illegally, if an amendment to the Copyright Act introduced in Parliament on Thursday (May 29) is passed.

The blocking orders are, in effect, court orders that direct network service providers to block access to the offending sites.

Among the Courts' considerations in issuing such an order: if the website intended to commit or facilitate copyright infringement.

The amendment to the Copyright Act also covers changes so as to implement the Marrakesh Treaty - an agreement to provide more flexibility in reproducing or distributing copyrighted published works for the blind, visually impaired, or print disabled.

Additionally, the amendment will help pave the way for organisations in different countries to share works in accessible formats for this group of people.

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