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Deter insurance fraud? There's an app for that

NTUC Income has launched Orange Eye, a smartphone application that allows users to record video footage while driving.

SINGAPORE: In a move to combat motor insurance fraud, NTUC Income has launched a new smartphone application that allows drivers to use their phone to record video footage while at the wheel.

The first-of-its-kind mobile app, Orange Eye, comprises a recording device that captures footage of the road and enables drivers to submit their videos when making motor insurance claims. Users can choose from two- or four-minute recording loops in the application.

In the last five years, NTUC Income has referred more than 150 suspected cases of fraudulent claims to the authorities for further investigation. Investigations of more than 50 cases have been completed, of which about one-third were brought to court. Warnings were issued in six other cases.

In recent years, NTUC Income has also seen an increase in policyholders submitting their claims together with video evidence. In the past year, an average of 2,300 motor claims have been filed at NTUC Income on a monthly basis. Of which, about 40 motor claims include video evidence.

According to the General Insurance Association of Singapore, about 20 per cent of motor insurance claims are inflated or fraudulent. This costs the motor insurance industry about S$140 million each year.

Mr Peh Chee Keong, Vice President of Motor Insurance at NTUC income, said: “If fraudulent practices persist motor insurance premiums will inevitably increase.”

“This affects everyone, including safe drivers who do not make any claims,” he added.

Users can download the application for free on their Apple and Android-based smartphones from Friday (May 23).

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