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Australia to use PIN for credit card purchases from August

Although the new rule will not apply to foreigners, experts advise Singaporeans to find out the personal identification numbers (PINs) for their credit cards when travelling to Australia in order to minimise inconveniences.

SINGAPORE: From August this year, people making purchases with credit cards in Australia will have to use a personal identification number (PIN) instead of their signatures to verify their payments. Australian authorities said this is to ensure that credit and debit card purchases remain safer and faster, compared to the use of signatures.

But the new rule will not apply to foreigners, including Singaporeans. Australian authorities said the measure will only affect cards that have been issued locally, and foreigners will be able to continue using their signatures for their credit card purchases.

However, experts said it is better to be safe than sorry, and advise Singaporeans to try to find out the PINs for their credit cards if they are travelling to Australia, in order to minimise inconveniences.

Teow Hin Ngir, CEO of Secure Age, said: "Just in case you want to purchase something in Australia and the system asks for your PIN, you would then have the PIN. Otherwise, you might get stuck and even though you have money, you can't spend it because you don't know the PIN of your credit card." 

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