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Bird-brain predictions for the World Cup, or something to crow about?

See if you agree with the World Cup semi-finalist picks from a star cockatoo at the Jurong Bird Park. 

SINGAPORE: From octopuses, to camels - all manner of creatures have gotten in on the game for predicting World Cup winners. And now one resident at the Jurong Bird Park is trying to establish the pecking order. Sassy, the sulphur-crested cockatoo, star of the park's High Flyer Show was given a choice of four sets of quarter-finalists.

These were its sassy picks for the semi-finals (though we warn you, some of the cockatoo's choices may cause a flap):

  • Belgium to beat Argentina
  • Brazil to beat Colombia
  • Costa Rica to beat the Netherlands
  • Germany to beat France

But it is not just about parroting other animal capers, a Bird Park representative said. "Since it's a natural behaviour for a bird to pick up something and bring it back to its nest or in this case to a trainer, we decided to use this as a form of enrichment for Sassy," explained Mr Azhar Nazir, Assistant Manager for the Bird Show Animal Presentation at Jurong Bird Park. So it's all for the birds, he said, to "enhance their lives", and give them "a little more stimulation."

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