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CAAS sets aside S$5m for projects to improve productivity

At the Singapore Aerospace Awards ceremony, Senior Minister of State for Transport announced that the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore has earmarked S$5 million for projects dealing with RFID and automated repairs. 

SINGAPORE: Singapore needs to differentiate itself from its competitors to sustain a competitive edge in the aviation industry, said Senior Minister of State for Transport and Finance Josephine Teo at the Singapore Aerospace Awards ceremony on Thursday (July 10).

One of the ways to do so, she said, is to ensure air travel remains safe and secure while the industry pursues productivity in the sector.

The initial focus will be on two identified technology themes - Radio frequency identification (RFID) systems for tracking and tracing of tools and parts, and the use of robotics and automation in repair and production processes.

She also said another area to differentiate ourselves is through our workforce and hence, the need to invest in our aviation workforce and attract Singaporeans to join the sector.

She announced that Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) has earmarked an initial $5 million to catalyse collaborative productivity projects in the aerospace sector.

In addition, Mrs Teo said Singaporeans should continue to nurture the aerospace community to work with each other, so as to facilitate business collaborations, fast cross-fertilisation of ideas, and sufficient scale to support key resources such as training programmes and facilities.

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