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Caught on camera driving recklessly, an SMRT cabbie is fired

SMRT says the incident where one of its relief drivers was filmed veering repeatedly into the path of a motorcyclist, is "regrettable".

SINGAPORE: SMRT has terminated the contract of a relief driver who was behind the wheel of a taxi, seen swerving into the lane of a motorcyclist. It posted a note on the matter on Facebook a day after the video was filmed from the dashboard of a nearby car.

Mr Alan Kong had posted the video on his Facebook page on Tuesday (Sep 2), and wrote that he witnessed "road rage involving a taxi and a bike". The video is 23 seconds long, but Mr Kong said the incident happened for "a good five minutes", with the cabbie "trying to make the biker hit him".

"As an ex-biker, I feel that we cannot tolerate this kind of behavior on the road," Mr Kong wrote. The video has been shared nearly 2,000 times as of Wednesday night.

SMRT said it investigated the case immediately after netizens had highlighted it to them. While it has fired the relief driver of the Prius taxi with license plate SHC4090C, the transport operator said the main driver renting the taxi, should not be penalised. 

"We seek your understanding that this driver has nothing to do with the relief driver behind the incident shown on the video," SMRT wrote. "We trust that the taxi partner will continue to be allowed to earn a living driving SHC4090C."