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Channel NewsAsia to air special discussion on Parliament

Panellists discuss Parliament's upcoming challenges for its second term after President Tony Tan Keng Yam laid out its priorities in a speech last Friday.

SINGAPORE: How has the government done in the first half of its term, and what are the challenges for the future?

All this and more, will be explored in an hour-long panel discussion programme called "Special: Parliament Reopens" on Channel NewsAsia, tomorrow (20 May) at 8pm.

The panel comprises Social and Family Development Minister Chan Chun Sing, Non-Constituency MP (NCMP) Gerald Giam, Nominated MP Tan Su Shan, as well as businessman and former NMP Zulkifli Baharudin.

The programme also looks at segments of society that require more help and public perception issues facing the government.

One topic that was keenly discussed: ensuring that politics in Singapore remains constructive.

That call was made by President Tony Tan Keng Yam on Friday, in his address reconvening parliament.

Opposition NCMP Gerald Giam said: "I have never said that we should be treated with any gentle hand. And I think it's as long as it's fair, and I think Singaporeans expect a fair debate, because Singaporeans want to see issues they are concerned about debated in parliament, they don't want to see just personal attacks being thrown about in parliament. And I think that is what we are focused on in the Workers' Party, to be able to bring up alternative policies that the government can consider and if they disagree with it, they have to explain why."

Minister Chan Chun Sing said: "It is nothing about partisan politics. At the end of the day it is not about the ruling party versus the opposition. We are all fellow Singaporeans together. Our larger competition as what Su Shan was mentioning earlier, is not within Singapore. Our larger competition is about how do we create a better future for the next generation."

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