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Chua Thian Poh tops list of 3,354 recipients at the 2014 National Day Awards

Property tycoon Chua was awarded the Distinguished Service Order, while six others were given the Meritorious Service Medal.

SINGAPORE: A total of 3,354 awards were handed out at the 2014 National Day Awards on Aug 9 (Saturday).

The highest award - the Distinguished Service Order - was given to Mr Chua Thian Poh, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ho Bee Land.

Mr Chua is the President of the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations; Honorary President of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry; as well as Chairman of the Ren Ci Hospital, Business China, and the Board of Trustees of the Chinese Development Assistance Council.

As the President of the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations, he supported the Government's call for clan associations to take greater initiative in integrating new immigrants.

"Singapore is an immigrant society since day one, and clans have been very actively involved in engaging new immigrants. I think it's important that we integrate new immigrants into society as soon as possible. We would like to see Singapore have a harmonious society - that's important to the whole country," Mr Chua said.

He is also Chairman of Ren Ci Hospital, and said the hospital has been "growing rapidly". With the new nursing home in operations by beginning of 2015, which will have 260 beds, Ren Ci will have a total of 820 beds - an increase from its initial 174 beds, he stated.

The six recipients of the Meritorious Service Medal were:

  • Mr Lam Chuan Leong, the Chairman of the Competition Commission of Singapore

  • Mrs Theresa Foo-Yo Mie Yoen, Chairman of the Esplanade

  • Prof Satkunanantham Kandiah, former Director of Medical Services at the Ministry of Health

  • Mr Lee Tzu Yang, a member of the Legal Service Commission

  • Ms Jennie Chua, Immediate Past Chairman of Community Chest and Chairman of Alexandra Health System

  • Mr Po’ad Shaik Abu Bakar Mattar, a member of the Council of Presidential Advisers.

For Prof Satku, his contribution to the development of the national mental health blueprint for Singapore in 2006 was considered as one of his biggest achievements. The programme addressed the mental health of all sectors of the population - including workers and school children - with initiatives looking at prevention, early intervention as well as moving the care of mental illnesses away from institutions to the community.

"You can be assured that going to see a GP in the community is much easier than going back to IMH (Institute of Mental Health)," he said.

"Something like 16 per cent to 20 per cent of the population will, at one time or another, be affected by mental health. That is one in five people. That means each of us either will be, or will have someone close to us, affected and I think it was a worthwhile investment."

There were 12 recipients of the Public Service Star (Bar), while a further 55 individuals received the Public Service Star.

Also given out on National Day were the Public Administration Medal, Commendation Medal, Public Service Medal, Efficiency Medal and Long Service Medal, spanning civilian, military and police sectors. In all, a total of 3,354 awards were handed out.


Among the recipients of the Commendation Medal were 10 Home Team frontline officers from the Singapore Police Force and the Singapore Civil Defence Force, who were among the first to respond to the Little India riot on Dec 8 last year.

"Despite the dangers and challenges they faced, the officers were calm and steadfast in carrying out their duties, working together to extricate the body of the deceased foreign worker, and brought the bus driver and time keeper to safety. They displayed dedication to duty and courage, and showed outstanding leadership and resolve," the Ministry of Home Affairs said.

A total of 424 Home Team officers, NSmen and Home Team volunteers were honoured at the National Day Awards.

A full list of this year's National Day Award recipients is available at the website for the Prime Minister's Office.