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COE prices higher in all categories

Largest rise registered was in the Open Category, which jumped almost S$4,000 to hit S$69,001.

SINGAPORE: Certificate of Entitlement (COE) prices in the first bidding exercise of August closed higher in all categories.

COEs in Category A, for small cars up to 1,600cc or 97kW, closed at S$64,600, up from S$62,890 in the previous round of bids. For larger cars, Category B COEs went up to S$68,689, up from S$65,001.

In Category C - goods vehicles and buses - the cost of a COE rose to S$54,009, up from S$52,010, while Category D COEs for motorcycles rose to S$4,353, from S$4,252.

In the Open Category (Category E), COEs hit S$69,001, up from S$65,002.

A total of 3,484 bids were received, with a quota of 1,909 COEs available.