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COI findings on Little India riot resonate with Migrant Workers' Centre

Findings from the Little India riot Committee of Inquiry on the well-being and congregation of foreign workers resonate with the Migrant Workers' Centre.

SINGAPORE: Some parts of the Committee of Inquiry (COI) report on the Little India riot resonate with the Migrant Workers' Centre (MWC).

A statement from the centre on Monday, (June 30) says this is particularly so for the findings on the well-being and congregation of migrant workers. The COI recommends that more services and amenities be made available for migrant workers beyond congregation areas such as Little India, and preferably at foreign worker dorms.

The centre says it has long advocated for improved welfare and better protection of migrant workers.

It has been pushing for the introduction of among others things - electronic payment of salaries to act as clear proof of monthly payment, and standard employment contract terms to prevent the insertion of discriminatory clauses.

"MWC reiterates our strong belief that protecting migrant workers' interests here is critical towards sustaining the valuable contributions they make to our own nation-building and creating the inclusive society and environment that Singaporeans hope to have," said MWC Chairman Yeo Guat Kwang.

To better help migrant workers, the MWC Helpline (6536-2692) will operate on a 24-hour basis from tomorrow (July 1).

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