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Coming months will be hotter and drier in Singapore

Rainfall for June to September could be 10 to 40 per cent below average, and the average temperature could be 1 degree Celsius above average.

SINGAPORE: Expect hotter and drier weather in the coming months. The Meteorological Service Singapore on Friday (May 30) said it is forecasting weak to moderate El Niño conditions to develop in the next few months. This will bring drier and warmer conditions to Singapore and the region.

The Met agency says rainfall for the coming Southwest Monsoon season between June and September, could range below 10 to 40 per cent below average. The average temperature is expected to be 1 degree Celsius above average.

Rainfall in May has been above average for most parts of Singapore. However, drier weather can be expected from the second week of June with the onset of the Southwest Monsoon. This is the traditional dry season for the region.

The El Niño refers to the abnormal warming of the tropical Pacific Ocean and is known to disrupt normal weather patterns. It is predicted to develop as early as end July this year.

While the El Niño conditions are expected to be weak to moderate, the prolonged drier and hotter weather conditions could increase the risk of transboundary haze from land and forest fires in the region. Met officials warn that Singapore could be affected depending on the location of the hotspots, and the wind.

In anticipation of the drier weather, an Inter-Agency Haze Task Force has been activated. And to make up for the lower rainfall, the Public Utilities Board (PUB) will ramp up its production of NEWater and desalinated water to maintain reservoir levels and the water supply. In light of this, PUB is urging businesses and members of the public to conserve water. 

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