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Constructive politics key to realising Singapore’s dreams: PM Lee

Politics purely for the sake of power will lead Singapore to disaster, says Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

SINGAPORE: Weighing in on the debate on constructive politics, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong today (May 26) said that the “purpose of politics is to make a difference to people’s lives, to build a better Singapore”.

“Constructive politics is key to realising our dreams,” said Mr Lee in a Facebook post after Parliament ended its first day of debate, which saw various Members of Parliament speaking on the topic of constructive politics. Among them, Opposition leader Low Thia Khiang crossed swords with Senior Minister of State (Law and Education) Indranee Rajah over what the term constitutes.

Posting a video showing the exchange between Mr Low and Ms Indranee on his Facebook page, Mr Lee noted: “Politics purely for the sake of power, without any notion of what we want Singapore to become, will lead us to disaster.”

Mr Lee, who will be speaking in Parliament on Wednesday, said he was glad many MPs spoke in support of the President’s Address, and that “many, especially govt MPs, offered ideas to improve or change policies”.

He noted that MPs generally supported the Government’s plans to improve people’s lives, but they had specific suggestions to help different groups of people.

“Some wanted more support for professionals, managers and executives (PMEs). Others suggested improvements to the CPF system to give older Singaporeans peace of mind in their retirement. Several urged more help for the lower-income and disadvantaged groups. We will look into these suggestions carefully,” said Mr Lee.

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