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Cyberpioneer shows you how to do proper push-ups

Starting Apr 1 next year, push-ups will be one of three stations under the new Individual Physical Fitness Proficiency Test (IPPT) standards.

SINGAPORE: Want to avoid having your push-ups disqualified during your Individual Physical Fitness Proficiency Test (IPPT)? Cyberpioneer, the online version of the Singapore Armed Forces' Pioneer magazine, has released a video demonstrating the proper push-up technique.

With push-ups now one of three stations to master under the new IPPT standards which come into effect on Apr 1 next year, National Servicemen might want to take note of a few key points while performing the test.

First, be sure to keep your hands shoulder-width apart throughout the exercise, and try to keep your back straight.

Ensure that your arms are extended fully as well, to avoid the dreaded ‘no count’.

Discover these and other tips in the video as explained by a fitness specialist here.