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Don't be confrontational on LGBT issues: MUIS

Singapore's highest Islamic authority urges Muslims not to be confrontational with or vilify LGBT people or events such as Pink Dot.

SINGAPORE: The Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) has cautioned against adopting a "confrontational approach", or vilifying those who are involved in LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) lifestyles, or events such as Pink Dot.

The advisory that was issued to mosques, dated June 20, comes as a religious teacher launched an online campaign urging fellow Muslims to wear white on June 28, to protest homosexuality, as well as the Pink Dot event at Hong Lim Park the same day.

In the advisory obtained by Channel NewsAsia, Singapore's highest Islamic authority stated that it does not approve of the "pervasiveness" of the LGBT lifestyle, and cannot agree to efforts promoting it.

It added that programmes in mosques "must not be seen as a movement to oppose them".

MUIS said that this is to prevent people distancing themselves from Islam and the mosque, and to avoid "unnecessary arguments". The authority also said mosques should not be seen as being "involved in the crossfire" between the Pink Dot and Wear White initiatives.

Separately, the Singapore Islamic Scholars & Religious Teachers Association (Pergas) posted a statement on its Facebook page in reference to Pink Dot, saying Muslims "should not attend any event which promotes and supports transgression."

Still, Pergas says it strongly urges the community not to ostracise any LGBT individuals, but to instead, demonstrate love and concern by reaching out to them.

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