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Drug for blood clots approved for use in Singapore

Unlike existing standard therapy, Xarelto is taken orally and does not require injections or infusions, or routine blood monitoring. 

SINGAPORE: Patients recovering from major surgery can sometimes face the risk of blood clots.

Known as pulmonary embolism when the clots travel to the lungs, it can be fatal or cause long-term damage to the lungs and other vital organs.

To treat and prevent this, Xarelto has now been approved for use in Singapore.

Unlike existing standard therapy, this single-dosage drug is taken orally and does not require injections or infusions, or routine blood monitoring.

It also has a rapid onset of action, minimal drug interactions and no dietary restrictions.

Furthermore, it can also potentially free up hospital bed space by shifting treatment to an outpatient basis.

Dr Kenneth Ng, a cardiologist at the Novena Heart Centre, said: "My patients usually prefer Xarelto to the traditional blood thinners because they find it more convenient and less painful because they do not need to come back frequently for blood tests to check on the effectiveness of the medication. Xarelto is quite a one dose fits all."

Jason Hodges, a patient, said: "Unfortunately for me, maybe it is a situation, my doctors suggested I may be taking it for a long period of time, given that my blood does have some propensity for coagulation or thickening.

“But obviously, without having to look at those readjustments or anything else, I think one simple pill for the assurance of near death conditions not repeating is an easy decision." 

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