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Elderly on “Meals on Wheels” programme to enjoy healthier, tastier meals

The Agency for Integrated Care is teaming up with Soup Restaurant to produce healthier and tastier meals for some 650 elderly on the “Meals on Wheels” programme.

SINGAPORE: Some 650 elderly will soon benefit from healthier and tastier meals which will be delivered to their doorstep daily.

The enhanced "Meals on Wheels" programme is part of a Quality Improvement initiative under the Agency for Integrated Care's (AIC) Intermediate and Long-Term Care (ILTC) Nutrition Movement.

The objective is to enhance the nutritional value of meals in the ILTC sector.

AIC is teaming up with Soup Restaurant to produce the meals.

The Health Promotion Board (HPB) has also developed a set of nutritional guidelines for the elderly that will be given to Voluntary Welfare Organisations so they can come up with healthier recipes.

AIC plans to roll out the initiative to all seven service providers by 2015, which will benefit about 2,000 elderly.

Senior Minister of State for Health Amy Khor said: "The Quality Improvement initiative for the home meals delivery will look into enhancing the menu, in terms of including a wider variety of meals as well as improving the food texture, improving the taste to suit the taste buds of the elderly as well as making the meals less oily and spicy."

Based on the HPB's dietary guidelines for adults, some key nutrients include protein, fruits and vegetables.

The guideline was taken into account as well as adding a touch of flavour and variety when preparing the meals, which consist of pumpkin rice, fried drumlets for protein, broccoli, bean curd and salad prawns.

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