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Encouraging results from Peacehaven's rehab service for seniors

According to preliminary results, the Salvation Army's Peacehaven Nursing Home was able to discharge more than 65 per cent of its patients within four months.

SINGAPORE: The Transitional Convalescent Facility at Peacehaven Nursing Home, which provides rehabilitation services for seniors who are discharged from hospitals, has seen encouraging results. Health Minister Gan Kim Yong announced this at the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal Luncheon on Friday (Aug 15).

The facility, run by the Salvation Army, allows seniors to regain enough functionality before returning home. Preliminary results showed that Peacehaven was able to discharge more than 65 per cent of its patients after four months or shorter. Survey results also showed that more than 90 per cent of caregivers were satisfied with the programme.

The Salvation Army expects to spend over S$29 million to operate all its social programmes for the current financial year, and it also needs to raise S$6.5 million from public donations that will benefit over 1,600 needy people a month.

The nursing home also showcased its latest developments such as a health and fitness and gym.

“Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) like Peacehaven will continue to play an important role in supporting our efforts to provide better care for seniors as they grow old. Peacehaven is an outstanding nursing home provider that serves patients with dedication, while constantly seeking to innovate to enhance care standards at its facilities," Mr Gan said.

The minister added that to encourage greater charitable giving, the Government introduced the Community Silver Trust Fund in 2011 to provide a dollar-for-dollar matching grant to VWOs providing intermediate and long-term health care services. And to date, around S$1.5 million has been disbursed to Peacehaven from the Community Silver Trust Fund.