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Energy labels to be revised from Sep 1

The new energy labels will also show estimated annual energy cost and energy consumption information, the National Environment Agency (NEA) says.

SINGAPORE: Energy labels on air-conditioners, refrigerators and clothes dryers will be revised to make it easier for consumers to choose more energy-efficient models, the National Environment Agency (NEA) said on Friday (Aug 22).

Under the new rating system, to be launched on Sep 1, the most efficient models of air-conditioners and clothes dryers will be awarded five ticks, compared with four in the previous system. Labels for refrigerators will continue to have a maximum of four ticks as the current models available here do not comply with the requirements of the five-tick system.

One tick will replace zero ticks as the lowest efficiency band, following consumer feedback that a zero-tick band was confusing, the NEA said.

Because the new system comes with stricter criteria, a product that originally got four ticks under the old label could now get a lower rating.

The new energy labels will also indicate the annual estimated energy cost of using the product for a typical household by computing the typical usage of an appliance, energy consumption and assumed electricity cost. This will help consumers better understand how the energy performance of the appliance they buy will translate into cost savings, the agency said.

The NEA said they came up with the new system because the energy efficiency of appliances in the market has improved due to greater demand. "We've done this to help the consumers better differentiate the more energy-efficient appliances, as over time more energy-efficient appliances are actually coming into the market," said Ananda Ram Bhaskar, Director at the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Department at NEA. 

"Many of them actually have received the four-tick rating. In order to differentiate this further, we have re-rated the energy efficiency scale and also introduced a new design for the label," he said. 

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