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Eric Ding has no grounds to appeal against refusal of bail: High Court Judge

The medical condition that match-fixer was seeking treatment for had been identified almost two years ago, Justice Chao noted in his grounds of decision.

SINGAPORE: There has been no change of circumstances to warrant a review of a District Judge's decision not to grant match-fixer Eric Ding bail, Supreme Court appellate Justice Chao Hick Tin said on Friday (Aug 8).

Ding had submitted an appeal to the High Court on Tuesday after he was refused bail by a District Judge.

The 32-year-old, who was convicted on July 24 on three counts of corruption relating to providing three Lebanese football officials with prostitutes as bribes, had to start serving his three-year jail sentence immediately, despite intending to appeal against the punishment, because the judge deemed him a flight risk.

However, Justice Chao said on Friday that the only new factor to consider in Ding's appeal - a knee operation that was scheduled for Wednesday, Aug 6 - was for a medical condition that was diagnosed about 23 months ago.

"I do not wish to imply any improper motive on (Ding's) part in scheduling the operation at this time. (But) there is no evidence to indicate that the operation must be carried out now and cannot be further delayed," said Justice Chao.

"Accordingly, I cannot place any weight on this new circumstance. Effectively, there is no material change of circumstances which warrants this court to review the decision of the District Judge," he said, adding that the Prison medical service can attend to Ding's medical condition if needed.

Justice Chao said he would order the expedition of the hearing of Ding's appeal to take place within the next two months.

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