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Former professor in sex-for-grades case wins appeal against conviction

Former National University of Singapore law professor Tey Tsun Hang has succeeded in his appeal against his conviction and sentence.

SINGAPORE: The former National University of Singapore (NUS) professor involved in the sex-for-grades case has won his appeal against his conviction and sentence.

Tey Tsun Hang was found guilty of corruption charges in May last year by a district court.

But the High Court on Friday ruled that Tey's former student, Darinne Ko, did not give him presents or have sex with him to get better grades.

Justice Woo Bih Li said the trial judge had wrongly equated conduct which is morally reprehensible with conduct which is legally wrong.

A fine of S$514.80, which Tey was ordered to pay, will also be refunded to him.

The money is equivalent to the value of two tailored shirts and part of the cost of a dinner.

But Tey has already served his five-month jail sentence, meted out to him in May.

Peter Cuthbert Low, Tey’s lawyer, said: "I don't think he'll get any compensation because the judge made it very clear that he elected to go into prison pending the outcome of his appeal.

“He also applied for the hearing to take place after he served sentence. So although he's been acquitted of all six charges, he can't sue the authorities for compensation for having served the sentence.”

But Justice Woo said his decision vindicates Tey of the charges only.

The court does not condone the way Tey abused his position and exploited Ms Ko.

Justice Woo added Tey took advantage of her to satisfy his greed and his lust.

He also said Tey is a man without honour.

When asked, an NUS spokesperson said Tey may choose to petition to return to the university.

If he does so, the university will call for a committee of inquiry to determine if Tey is guilty of any misconduct and if so, what sanctions are warranted.

The Attorney General's Chambers said the prosecution will study the full written grounds of the High Court before deciding whether any further action is necessary. 

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