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Four weeks’ jail for snapping two supermarket upskirt videos

A total of five seconds of footage, shot within 10 minutes at a downtown shopping centre, sees a 25-year-old sale executive facing a month in prison.

SINGAPORE: In a span of 10 minutes, the 25-year-old man had recorded upskirt videos of two women with his mobile phone along the aisles of a supermarket. But little did he know that his acts of voyeurism had been caught by a security officer.

On Wednesday (Aug 6), senior sales and marketing executive Liang Yiwei Leon was sentenced to four weeks’ jail by the State Courts. He had faced two charges, but the prosecution proceeded with one charge.

His company’s name was not stated in court documents.

At around 6.20pm on April 12, Liang had placed his iPhone 4S in a shopping basket at the Market Place in Paragon shopping centre with the camera pointing up. He stood closely behind an unknown Caucasian woman and held the shopping basket for about two seconds underneath her skirt before walking away.

About 10 minutes later, he spotted another woman in the supermarket. This time, he held the shopping basket at a 45° angle for about three seconds under the victim’s dress before he walked away.

He was stopped by the supermarket’s loss prevention officer as he left the supermarket.

Liang, who was unrepresented, told the court that he felt extremely remorseful for his actions. “I hope Your Honour gives me a chance to go back to society,” he added.

Liang could have been fined, jailed up to a year, or both.