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Funpack for NDP 2014 unveiled

Button badges, a clap banner and an LED bracelet are among some of the goodies in this year's National Day Parade funpack. 

SINGAPORE: For the first time, this year’s National Day Parade (NDP) funpack will come in six different colour combinations. The bright colours are meant to signify the vibrancy of Singapore and enhance the parade's celebratory mood.

Unveiled on Wednesday (July 2), the funpack contains a slew of items, such as button badges, a clap banner and an LED bracelet that lights up according to the tempo of music. The funpack was designed by 15 students from the Institute of Technical Education College Central’s School of Design and Media under the guidance of experienced lecturers.

The funpack's simple design is to ensure that it can be easily used by both the elderly and young. Said leader of the Funpack Design Team Audrey Sim: "We actually had many challenges when we were designing the bag. Because we are still students, we did not really know how bags are made. So we actually took unwanted bags from our homes to unpick them and find out how they are made."

The funpack has a colourful “NDP 14” print on the front created from the handprints of the NDP executive committee, and will include other items such as a Singapore scarf, light stick, foldable fan and tattoo sticker.

"When we started this journey, we came together as a team, so we decided to create something that we can remember, so we put our handprints together on a wall and created this NDP 2014 logo. It is very meaningful to us," said Military Expert 6 (ME6) Tan Boon Hong, the National Day Parade organising committee's Chairman of Logistics and Finance. 

The funpack can carry a weight of more than 6 kilograms and is water-resistant. It will contain the essentials to help parade goers combat the weather.

"I like the visor that's designed by the ITE College students. I thought it's something simple, but it's a necessity, a sustenance item that actually keeps one cool, keeps one comfortable. And the students put in a lot of thought into designing this item," said ME6 Tan.

He also gave special mention to the buttons included, revealing that during the pre-parade event, spectators would be encouraged to exchange buttons with others sitting around them, and hopefully, have fun through this interaction. 

"The idea is to decorate the bag with the badges in any way you want. Each set has five badges and one of them is a winning entry submitted by an ordinary Singaporean through a contest that ended early this year. In total, there are 11 winning entries and they were selected through public voting online," ME6 Tan said.

One of the winners of the print design contest - architecture student Lee Xin Li - has always been fascinated with Singapore's heritage, and he wanted to express his thoughts on Singapore's fast-paced development through the badges.

"Singapore changes very fast, so within two years, if you go away and come back, some of the landmarks could suddenly be out of bounds to the public. So the pace of change makes me wonder, is this really Singapore? Looking at heritage, it gives me assurance that this is my home," said Mr Lee.

About 220,000 funpacks will be distributed to those attending the National Education Shows, the preview and the actual parade this year. 

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