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Govt may regulate escalator maintenance: BCA

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) is currently reviewing regulations for escalator safety, which could include regulations on their maintenance as well as heavier penalties for non-compliance.

SINGAPORE: There are currently no regulations on the maintenance of escalators, although the Government is looking into this, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) said on Monday (Aug 4).

“BCA is in the process of reviewing the regulatory framework for escalator safety, which could include regulations on the maintenance of escalators and heavier penalties for non-compliance,” a spokeswoman said in response to queries from Channel NewsAsia.

On Sunday, part of an escalator leading to a children's education centre at Forum The Shopping Mall gave way, leaving a gap large enough for a person’s foot to be trapped in. No one was hurt in the incident and the escalator has since been cordoned off.

Although no regulations on escalator maintenance have been implemented yet, the Singapore Standards CP15 – a code of practice for the installation, operation and maintenance of escalators and passenger conveyors – specifies that escalators must be maintained once a month and undergo testing once a year, BCA said.

Under the Code, escalators are also required to undergo functional testing every year, to ensure that safety devices such as brakes are in good working condition, the BCA spokeswoman said.

“Building owners are responsible for the maintenance of their escalators and are expected to carry out maintenance in accordance with the recommendations in the Code,” she added.