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Happiness is a beach vacation, Singaporeans surveyed say

The Expedia survey also reveals that 76 per cent of Singaporean respondents were planning for a beach holiday within the next 12 months, with 70 per cent saying they associated their overall happiness with regular beach vacations.

SINGAPORE: Singaporeans love to share their holiday snaps on social media, sharing an average of 37 photos and videos per week when on a beach vacation – almost double the global average of 19, according to a survey released on Tuesday (July 15).

The survey by online travel agency Expedia also found that of the Singaporeans who shared their photos on social media, 82 per cent shared scenery shots, 58 per cent shared group or family shots, 43 per cent shared couple shots and 35 per cent shared “selfies”.

As for why Singaporeans post their beach snaps on social media, the majority of respondents (72 per cent) said they wanted to share their unique vacation experience with friends or inspire them with beautiful images (71 per cent). But 25 per cent of respondents also admitted they posted photos to make their friends jealous, the survey found.


Singaporeans love their spa and massage treatments more than any other nationality, with one in two saying a rubdown was a requisite on beach vacations, the survey found.

Not surprisingly, Singaporeans also love to indulge in food while on holiday. The top three indulgences for Singaporean beach vacationers are eating more food than they usually would, spending more on food than they usually would and spending time at the spa.


The survey also threw up another interesting finding about Singaporean beach vacationers: 70 per cent of respondents associated their overall happiness with regular beach vacations. A total of 76 per cent were also planning for a beach holiday within the next 12 months.

To pay their way for an extra beach vacation, the top three sacrifices Singaporeans would make are: A month’s gym membership, a week’s salary, and a month’s expenses on accessories or toiletries.

Still, for Singaporean travellers, beach vacations aren’t all fun and games. The risk of theft while on holiday made 81 per cent of Singaporean respondents feel most anxious. Another 76 per cent worried about the quality of the hotel, while 75 per cent said their kids were stress points on a holiday.

A total of 11,165 people in 24 countries across Asia Pacific, Europe, North America and South America responded to the survey, which was conducted online from March 11 to April 2, 2014.

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