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HDB residents welcome re-homing of stray dogs: Desmond Lee

Project ADORE, which seeks to re-home stray dogs in HDB estates, is now a permanent programme, announced the Minister of State for National Development.

SINGAPORE: Project ADORE, a pilot initiative proposed by welfare groups run for the re-homing of stray dogs in HDB estates, is now a permanent programme, announced Minister of State for National Development Mr Desmond Lee on Wednesday (May 28).

He said the initial pilot was a great success "because SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and Action for Singapore Dogs, both civic groups, understand the broader sensitivities and the different dynamics at play and have run the pilot well".

He shared that HDB residents are slowly accepting re-homed stray dogs.

The National Development Ministry, Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) and HDB have started partnering another animal welfare group known as Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD), on the re-homing of strays, and have included them in Project ADORE.

Mr Lee also shared that a microsite on Ubin Project will be launched today in order to reach out to an even wider spectrum of Singaporeans.

The microsite will provide updates on discussions and agencies' engagement efforts, and allow everyone to submit ideas on what they think and like Ubin to be.

The Ubin Project, which was announced during the Committee of Supply debate, seeks to enhance the natural environment of Ubin and protect its heritage and its rustic charm.

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