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Inspire more to donate blood -- with a selfie

The Singapore Red Cross is calling on youths to encourage more to donate blood by uploading their selfies onto social media channels as part of its "Blood Ties" blood donation drive.

SINGAPORE: Got a passion in your blood?

The Singapore Red Cross wants you to declare it loud and proud on social media, as part of its “Blood Ties” blood donation drive at *SCAPE.

Tapping on the concept of sharing and living one's passions, the youth community is encouraged to upload selfies onto their social media channels with the hashtags #(state your passion here)inmyblood, #sgredcross and #ydcsg.

The goal is to inspire friends and followers to be a part of the blood donation cause and collect 300 units of blood.

The youth initiative is organised by the Youth Donor Club, and runs until Sunday (July 13).

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