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Junior Red Lions take flight

18 Primary school students have been selected to form the Junior Red Lions team for National Day. They will perform flight moves in air speeds of up to 300 kilometres an hour.

SINGAPORE: Every year, the Red Lions - an elite parachuting team - enthral Singaporeans with their daring free fall displays at the National Day Parade. But this time round, the task for the Red Lions team is a little more challenging.

They have to train some Primary 4 and 5 students to perform flight moves in air speeds of up to 300 kilometres an hour.

These students are the Junior Red Lions. For the National Day Preview as well as the actual parade, the Junior Red Lions will be on the ground to receive the parachuters.

The training of the Junior Red Lions took place at the iFly wind tunnel in Sentosa.

"It was very fun, but it was also a bit scary," said Junior Red Lion Alicia Ho from Northland Primary School. "When we go up, there is a lot of wind pushing us up and we must raise our head to go down." 

The 18 Junior Red Lions were selected after they participated in a contest which required them to pay tribute to the pioneer generation or describe what National Day Parade meant to them.

For some, meeting the Red Lions was the chance of a lifetime.

Dilshen Prakash Lalwani from St Stephen's School said: "Almost every National Day, I see them jumping from the aircraft and I find it very amazing and I was very inspired by them." 

The Junior Red Lions initiative is one of several organised by the National Day Parade's executive committee to get regular Singaporeans actively involved in the nation's 49th birthday. 

Another initiative involves distributing some 300,000 vehicle-mounted flags and button badges to the public. 

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