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Local writer lashes out at NLB at Asia Pacific Writers’ Conference

The National Library Board (NLB) should have held discussion before destroying books, says Suchen Christine Lim.

SINGAPORE: Local writer Suchen Christine Lim on Thursday (July 17) spoke out against the National Library Board’s (NLB) recent decision to withdraw and pulp three children’s titles deemed as not pro-family.

No public institution should destroy books, especially on family, without discussion, she said, adding that she was “dismayed, disappointed and angry beyond words”.

Ms Lim, who was giving her keynote speech at the opening of the Asia Pacific Writers’ Conference, revealed that she grew up in a single parent family.

Adding that she was saddened that “certain groups” were imposing a one-size fits all family-size on society, Lim said that she is hurt “for the thousands of children who do not fit into the one-man, one-woman” family structure.

“In removing and pulping these books, NLB is telling that these children and their families don’t count,” she said.

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