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Low-emission joss paper burners to be launched in Nee Soon

Low-emission joss paper burners will soon be launched in Nee Soon estate -- the first time they will be used in any estate in Singapore. 

SINGAPORE: Low-emission joss paper burners will soon be launched in Nee Soon estate.

This is the first time the burners will be used in any estate in Singapore. The burner produces half the smoke and three per cent of the ash compared to traditional burning methods.

300 of the burners will be rolled out in phases in Nee Soon, starting July 24.

They are part of a series of community-driven projects under a campaign to promote graciousness. Other projects include flyer boxes on every gate and residents' feedback boxes at every void deck.

Organisers say the launch of those items reinforces the campaign as they help to reduce external factors such as smoke, fly-ash and unsightly junk flyers that are often the cause of unhappiness among residents.

Apart from the low-emission joss paper burners, individual residents will also receive flyer-boxes to install on their front gates.

The corrugated plastic boxes allow flyers to be neatly slotted in front of individual households to minimise unsightly flyers being stuffed between residents' gates.

The Nee Soon Town Council will also provide a Residents' Feedback Box at the void deck of every residential block.

The move comes from the understanding that some residents are not fully tech-savvy and prefer to provide feedback through writing.

MP for Nee Soon GRC, Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, said the burners are timely with the seventh month of the lunar calendar approaching.

He added the burners can also tackle the rising cases of dengue.

“The new product here does not collect water as much as the old one. So it allows us to eradicate points where dengue can spread, in terms of the sources where mosquitoes can breed.

“So this is an opportunity for us to see how we can improve the living environment of the residents,” said Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal, who is chairman of Nee Soon Town Council and also Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Transport. 

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