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Man accused of obstructing policeman in Little India riot takes stand

Mahalingam Thavamani, 27, says he did not leave the scene as police instructed because he could not find his younger brother. 

SINGAPORE: A man accused of obstructing a policeman in carrying out his duties during the Little India riot, took the stand on day six of his trial today (19 May).

27-year-old Mahalingam Thavamani was charged with obstructing Deputy Superintendent of Police N Subramaniam from dispersing the crowd near the scene of the riot that took place on 8 December 2013.

He faces up to eight years' jail and a fine for the charge.

The court heard that police had repeatedly told Thavamani to leave the scene.

But Thavamani said he did not do so, as he could not find his younger brother and wanted to wait for him.

Defence lawyer, Lean Bastian Jerald called on another witness - Thavamani's friend, Sethupathi Balamurugan, who was with him at the time.

He testified that he, too, tried to get Thavamani to leave, but Thavamani did not do so, as he did not want to leave his brother behind.

The trial continues on Tuesday (20 May 2014), where the defence will call up two witnesses.

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