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Man jailed 12 years for group violence causing victim’s death

Jamsari Yusof kept “viciously” attacking the victim with a knife even though he did not retaliate, the judge says.

SINGAPORE: Although his victim did not retaliate, Jamsari Yusof kept “viciously” attacking him with a knife in an act of group violence that caused the death of Gunasekaran Rengasamy.

And despite a psychiatrist’s testimony that Jamsari was intoxicated during the assault, the judge found that the 51-year-old was not affected by the alcohol, seeing as his kicks did not miss their mark.

Justice Chan Seng Onn noted these factors as he sentenced Jamsari to 12 years’ jail on Thursday (July 31) after he pleaded guilty to culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

The court heard that on Feb 13, 2012, 43-year-old Gunasekaran was sitting at a coffee shop in Geylang with a friend and three others – Terrence Goh, 45, Redzuan Pupon, 40, and Kung Kwai Cheong, 55 – when Jamsari confronted him about being a tattletale when the two of them were in prison. Prior to that, Jamsari had been drinking at another coffee shop in Geylang.

After he joined the group and poured himself a drink, Jamsari scolded Gunasekaran, who denied the allegations. A fight ensued, with Goh and Redzuan joining Jamsari in assaulting Gunasekaran. Later, Jamsari took a knife from Kung and stabbed the victim in the face, neck and chest.

The police found Gunasekaran in an alley and sent him to hospital, where he was pronounced dead. He suffered 18 injuries in total, including a fatal stab to his chest.

On Thursday, Deputy Public Prosecutor S Puspha urged the court to impose a sentence of not less than 12 years’ imprisonment as the attack had been perpetrated in a public place and against a defenceless man.

“A clear signal must be sent that any acts of violence, especially those of group violence, will not be condoned by the courts,” said the prosecutor.

Agreeing, Justice Chan called the sentence an appropriate one.

Jamsari was the last among the group to be dealt with. Goh and Redzuan were sentenced to 17 months and 15 months in jail, respectively, while Kung was sentenced to four years’ imprisonment.

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