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Married couples more inclined to live with parents: MND survey

Compared to the preferences of courting couples, the survey also shows that a higher proportion support having more 3Gen flats. 

SINGAPORE: When it comes to housing preferences, married couples are more inclined to live with their parents compared to young courting couples, according to an ongoing online survey conducted by the Ministry of National Development (MND).

The findings, released on Friday (June 13), showed a higher proportion of married couples who live together with their parents (42 per cent) compared to courting couples who plan to do likewise (24 per cent). A higher proportion of married couples also support having more 3Gen Flats (68 per cent) so that they can live together with their parents, compared with 55 per cent of courting couples who shared similar sentiments.

For those who live apart, more married couples will opt to live with their parents if they need help with childcare (21 per cent) or receive Government financial incentives to do so (12 per cent). In comparison, just 9 per cent and 6 per cent, respectively, of courting couples would move in with their parents for these two reasons.

As of Thursday (June 12), 2,563 Singaporeans have participated in the online survey. Respondents comprise 1,171 young courting Singaporeans, 1,257 married Singaporeans with young or no children, and 135 seniors.

The survey is carried out through the microsite, launched to provide Singaporeans with information and a discussion platform for housing policies that help extended families live together or near to one another.

The first dialogue session for MND's Housing Conversations 2014 on “Closer Families, Stronger Ties” was held on June 7, with 20 young courting couples aged 22 to 34 years old. The second dialogue session, on June 14, will focus on the housing preferences of married couples. 

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